Welcome to Clean Home Green Home Clean Home Green Home is Australia’s one of the full service LED lighting specialist servicing both commercial and residential customers. Clean Home Green Home not only supplies and install high quality LED lighting solutions we also decommission and recycling your old (inefficient) lighting. So to SWITCH, it’s as simple as choosing the product you wish to have replaced and enjoying the savings. Clean Home Green Home offers the opport unity to update your old halogen downlights, fluorescent tubes, spotlights, shop lighters and high bays and move to an energy efficient future that delivers top quality light at a fraction of the cost. Clean Home Green Home will be able to provide an Certificate of Electrical Safety after the installation by a Grade A Electrician. Save Energy Save Money on LED's Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) have been on the market for years but have only recently been developed to the point of going main stream for houses and companies to economically replace the old inefficient lighting. Whilst the quality of LED’s has generally improved, the price of LED’s has reduced and the price of energy has continued to escalate. Check out the Calculator
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